The Wonder of Wallpaper

The home we live in now was very recently built when we moved into it a few years ago. It was very much a blank canvas, with magnolia everywhere! It certainly needed an injection of personality, and paint alone wasn't going to cut it!

Here at Studio Vita we are big fans of wallpaper. It is a fantastic way of completely changing a room, creating a whole new aesthetic quite easily and inexpensively, as you can see from the before and after images below!

Using patterned paper on just one wall as a feature, with paint in a complementary shade on the rest of the room creates a mixture of textures and pattern which can really liven up your room. The beauty of doing this is that it can be very quickly and easily changed to a whole new look, without having to completely redecorate. Our top tip is to always try out a sample first - what looks fabulous online or in the shop can look completely different when placed next to your existing colour scheme and furnishings!

The maximalist look is very on trend at the moment and there are some amazing designs out there. We're loving Emma Shipley's 'Creatura' design and 'Forbidden Bloom' by Divine Savages.

If the maximalist look isn't for you, there are lots of more subtle designs out there to suit your style. Check out textured wallpaper in your local decor shop or online, you don't always need a lot of colour to create a whole new feel.

Textured wallpapers are also amazing for hiding imperfections on walls in older properties. Lumps and bumps in your plasterwork are far less noticeable with a heavier textured wallpaper.

Also popular right now is to use just a panel of wallpaper to create a feature. This is a really good way of adding interest to a room in a more subtle way.

Whatever your taste or style, there is definitely a wallpaper out there to suit you and your home - check out Wallpaper Wednesdays on our Instagram for more inspiration.


The Studio Vita Team x