How to sell your home - Fast!

We moved home around 4 years ago - our house sold within a week, before we even had a 'For Sale' sign and before we had a chance to finalise where we'd like to move to! If you're thinking of selling your home, we have some top tips to make sure you have plenty of interest from prospective buyers.

Declutter! The first step to making your home look fabulous and highly desirable is to declutter. Bag up all the unnecessary 'stuff' that's laid around taking up space. Make sure the entrance to your home is clear - put shoes, coats, bags and keys out of sight. This is the first impression people will have of the interior of your home, so it needs to be clean, clear and welcoming.

Spruce up your entrance! Make sure the approach to your home is appealing. This is the first thing all visitors will see, so make sure your front door is clean and bright and the approach is rubbish free.

Dress to impress! Dressing your home to look it's very best will ensure that you get plenty of interest. You don't need to spend a fortune, but tidying up any chipped paint, or loose wallpaper will create a well-kept impression. Beds should be neatly made, kitchen surfaces should be clean and clutter free, and bathrooms should be sparkly and tidy. Adding greenery with plants always creates a peaceful aesthetic.

Picture Perfect! Picture your home in the eyes of a stranger. Imagine how it would look on social media and take your own pictures to make sure you've created the best look you can. People will look at images of your home and imagine themselves living there, so it's got to look clean, welcoming and cared for.

Welcoming vibes! It sounds obvious but when you do get someone to view your home, make sure you're friendly and welcoming. Point out all the good things your home has to offer and be ready to answer any tricky questions. Think about the reason you're moving on - they're bound to ask - and don't tell them it's because your neighbours are dreadful!

Selling your home can be stressful and time consuming, but don't worry! Here at Studio Vita we can help. We offer a Styling and Consultation package to help you prepare your home for those all important listing photographs. Check out our packages on our Services page.


The Studio Vita Team x