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Social Media - It's a love/hate thing!

Let's face it, we all love a scroll through Instagram or Facebook. We love to catch up on new trends, and to get new ideas, it's a fantastic quick way of seeing what's out there and what people are up to. But as a business it can be a double edged sword. A presence on social media is an absolute necessity now - the pandemic made this even more important. Using socials is now the way to get your name and face out there to everyone - you probably wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't for social media - but keeping up with this and getting the right balance can be a nightmare. How much should we post, what should we post, where should we post, should we do reels, videos, live chat...? There is so much to consider, and it can feel like a minefield at times. And after we decide what to post, waiting for likes, comments and followers is a nail-biting time! Do people like our post, did we post at the wrong time, should we have used a different filter...? And then there are so many other fabulous accounts out there, in many different styles, we can't decide what we like the most. Should we go minimal & elegant, fun & colourful, have a mixture of both? So many questions and options! Aaaargggghhh! In the end, we think you've got to go with what feels like it represents you and your business. Our social media sites are a mixture of our work, things we love, our gorgeous spaniel Jasper, and images of our own home, with an odd inspirational quote thrown in here and there for good measure. Because, at the end of the day, we are a family business with a combination of tastes, styles & ideas. We work from home, so this is our most important place to be. Where we can, we like to share the projects we've worked on, because we want people to see what we do. Seeing someone's home and work before you allow them to work on your own home seems like a bit of a no-brainer to us! So we'll keep on posting and crossing our fingers that you like what you see, and thank you all for every follow, like and comment, it means a lot.

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