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Lets talk about moodboards ...

Have you ever wondered how designers manage to put everything together so effortlessly, choosing colours, fabrics, furniture and accessories that are the perfect combination? The secret is definitely moodboards! Moodboards are a fabulous way of illustrating ideas for a design. Picking out sample colours, textures and a cohesive theme before you even think about picking up a paintbrush can save you hours of heartache later.

Here at Studio Vita we always begin a project with a moodboard. But what is a moodboard? Basically, it's a collection of images of all the things that you would like to see in the room you're designing. Samples of paints, textiles and wallpapers combined with images of your chosen furniture and accessories, all laid out on one page will really help you to see if your choices are picture perfect.

You can do all this all from the comfort of your home, gather your online images and place them together digitally using Word or Adobe software packages, or even just print out your lovely images and layer them on paper or on your table top! Moodboards are a fun and creative way to find out what you like and what works well together, before you have even left the house! (Top Tip - keep the weblinks for everything you choose - this makes shopping so much easier and keeps you organised!)

Even better than online, you can order samples from some fabulous fabric and decor companies - there's nothing like having a sample in your hands to bring the colours of your design to life and to help you choose which colours actually do complement each other.

We love moodboards here at Studio Vita - here are a couple of our recent designs (we'd actually like to use them as artwork!)


The Studio Vita Team x

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