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Fabulous Feature Walls

Feature walls are a great way to create interest in a space, and can be a quick and often inexpensive way of really bringing life to a room. They don’t have to be bold and dramatic (unless you want them to be!). Sometimes just a change of colour can be enough to create a whole new feel to your room.

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When thinking about creating a focal point, there are some key things to bear in mind to get the effect you want.

1. Choose your wall carefully – a feature wall should be just that – a feature of the room. It should draw the eye to the point in the room that you are wanting to accentuate, for example, at the head of your bed or on a fireplace wall, drawing attention to a beautiful mantelpiece or headboard.

2. Don’t overcrowd a space – one feature wall in a room is generally enough. Creating different patterns, textures and colours on various walls in a room can create a sense of chaos, and make the concept of your design disappear in a cloud of confusion.

3. Choose complementary colours – your feature wall can be bold and striking but make sure you pick up on the other colours in the room or you run the risk of overloading the space.

4. Consider your medium – you can choose a mural, fabulous wallpaper, wood panelling, stone or just paint to create your feature wall, but bear in mind the size of your room – a small space can be overwhelmed with too much pattern or texture! A different paint colour in a more striking shade can be enough to draw the eye.

There are some gorgeous ideas for feature walls around at the moment – check out our Pinterest and Instagram for more ideas and inspiration.


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